Premium DNA testing for diet & exercise

DNA can tell us much more than where we came from. DNA can also provide a roadmap to the best version of you.

You can now optimize your healthy lifestyle from the comfort of your home using safe and secure DNA health tests from HealthCodes DNA. These non-invasive DNA kits will fully customize your lifestyle, meal planning, and exercise regimen to maximize results.

Wellness Panel
• Body type
• Metabolism traits
• Exercise response
• Diabetic traits
• Macronutrient plan

Nutrition Panel
• Dietary needs
• Fat sensitivities
• Micronutrient plan
• Caffeine & sodium
•Lactose & gluten

Fitness Panel
• Exercise plan
• Fitness potentials
• Recovery
• Motivation
• Injury

3-Panel Analysis
• Wellness Panel
• Nutrition Panel
• Fitness Panel

Each DNA test order includes a Sample Collection Kit, sample processing in a clinical grade lab, secure digital results file, and a printed results booklet. Results delivered in just 2-3 weeks.

HealthCodes DNA Premium Genetic Health Tests

Three steps to a better you

HealthCodes DNA shopping cart

Step 1:  Enter the online store and order a DNA test
HealthCodes DNA sample collection kit envelope
Step 2:  Receive your Sample Collection Kit and return your sample
HealthCodes DNA double helix
Step 3:  Receive your results book by mail


Premium Genetic DNA Test Kit
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What you will learn from your DNA test results

What to expect from your results

Comprehensive Results Books

We analyze your genetic traits to provide you with a DNA results book that tells you exactly what your body needs to be at your best.

Cutting Edge Algorithms

Our proprietary DNA health tests combine DNA-based insights in a manner that you cannot find anywhere else.

Actionable Lifestyle Changes

We provide you with dietitian and trainer-approved lifestyle adjustments based on the results of your DNA health test.

Ready To Find Your Best Self?

To order your own personalized wellness, nutrition, and fitness DNA test, click on the product images above or order your DNA test here. If you need to order multiple products, email for a custom quote.

Medical grade DNA testing. Private & secure.

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HealthCodes DNA is able to provide a wealth of information that can be used to understand and optimize our health. I have an Optimization Health Coaching practice and find this information INSTRUMENTAL in creating sustainable results for my clients. Very happy with HealthCodes DNA overall.

Mary Spirito


“Loved using HealthCodes DNA to find out personalized information particular to my body. I’ve been searching for something exactly like this for years and didn’t realize they existed. I got my results promptly and in a document that clearly explained everything and properly broke down the information. Highly recommended!!”

Brigitte Becquet


“HealthCodes DNA has developed an exceptional product! I recently received my personal HealthCodes DNA results and was amazed at the accuracy. This is a game-changer, and one I will definitely recommend to anyone looking for answers about their health.”

Monica Coulter

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