Wellness Panel:
Premium DNA training program for discovering your personal metabolic traits to address preventable diseases and optimize your body’s health. Each order includes DNA kit, clinical-grade DNA processing, access to custom health programs, and health consultations by your preferred provider.

Users have shown an average 149% increase* in overall quality of life using this product. (*Source: 2019 HealthCodes DNA case study)

• Lean Body Mass
• Bodyweight Predisposition
• Body Composition Response
• Detox Ability
• Weight Loss Ability
• Fat Loss Ability
• Cardiovascular Health
• HDL Response to Cardio
• Protein Utilization
• Fat Utilization
• Carbohydrate Utilization
• Sugar Preference
• Glucose Cardio Response
• Insulin Sensitivity Response

What it includes:

Every order includes a DNA kit along with DNA test results. Each order includes free nationwide 2-day shipping. Please note that the lab fee is included with this order – you will go through a free online kit activation process before sending in your sample. DNA test results will be delivered by secure digital file & mail in just 2-3 weeks after the lab has received the sample. After receiving DNA test results, each client will receive custom health plans and consultations by their preferred provider.

NOTE: To activate a Sample Collection Kit (e.g., the $49 kit from Amazon) and receive the Wellness Panel results set from the sample, add the Wellness Panel to cart below and use discount code LABW at checkout. The cost will be reduced to only the $210 remaining lab fee portion. Any sample returned from the $49 Sample Collection Kit without a paid lab fee will result in immediate destruction of the non-activated and returned sample.

Premium DNA Training Program for Lifestyle Optimization

Order your DNA health program now.

Optimize major aspects of your lifestyle using revolutionary genetic testing technology from HealthCodes DNA™. Get the most from your lifestyle plans to prevent disease. Order your DNA training program today & change your life tomorrow.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 3 in
What Is Included

Includes Sample Collection Kit, sample processing in clinical-grade laboratory, and DNA test results (secure digital file and printed booklet) in 2-3 weeks after sample return. No lab fee payment required.

Product Features

Reveal how your unique body type is dictated by your genes. Explore how your body type responds to cardio and strength training. Learn your unique metabolism for protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Address and prevent type 2 diabetes risk factors.

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