Sample Collection Kit:
Order a DNA kit today & buy DNA training programs upon delivery.
What is included:

The HealthCodes DNA™ Sample Collection Kit gives access to all 5 of HealthCodes DNA’s premium genetic training programs for wellness, nutrition, and fitness. Only one sample required to access all available DNA training programs. Every kit order includes free nationwide 2-day shipping. Please note that the lab fee is NOT included with this order, and a lab fee must be paid to process a sample and receive DNA test results. Lab fee amount varies based on the DNA training program ordered during kit activation.

Premium DNA Kit for Wellness, Nutrition, and Fitness

Order your DNA kit now & pay for DNA training programs later.

Optimize your diet and exercise results today. This is a medical grade DNA kit for optimizing your wellness, nutrition, and fitness. Order your DNA kit today & change your life tomorrow. Each DNA kit can be activated by paying a lab fee and the lab fee amount depends on which of the 5 DNA training programs you order.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 3 in
What Is Included

Includes Sample Collection Kit used to collect and send in DNA sample. DNA test results are NOT included with this product. To obtain results, must activate kit and pay lab fee online prior to sample submission.

Product Features

Each Sample Collection Kit includes new user guide, kit activation card to pay lab fees, postage paid return envelope, one (1) medical grade saliva collection device, and sample collection and return instructions.

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