Sample Collection Kit:
Order a DNA kit today & buy DNA tests upon delivery.

The HealthCodes DNA® Sample Collection Kit gives access to all of HealthCodes DNA’s premium genetic tests for wellness, nutrition, and fitness. Only one sample is required per client to access all available DNA tests. Please allow 5-10 business days to receive your Sample Collection Kit by mail.

Premium DNA Test Kit for Wellness, Nutrition, and Fitness

Order your DNA kit now & pay for DNA tests later.

Optimize your diet and exercise results today. The premium DNA health kit for optimizing your wellness, nutrition, and fitness can be purchased by following this link. Order your DNA health test kit today & change your life tomorrow.

To learn why you should use a premium DNA kit to discover your wellness, nutrition, and fitness needs, read this article.

Thank you for choosing HealthCodes DNA® to improve your healthy lifestyle through science.

Additional information

What Is Included

Includes Sample Collection Kit only. From one kit, access the 5-Metric Overview, Wellness Panel, Nutrition Panel, Fitness Panel, and 3-Panel Analysis DNA tests by HealthCodes DNA.

Product Features

Grants access to all available DNA tests with a single sample. Uses saliva collection device to maximize DNA capture. Includes postage-paid return mailer for easy sample return. Buy Sample Collection Kit today and purchase DNA tests later.

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