PRESS RELEASE: HealthCodes DNA relocates headquarters to Durham, North Carolina

Company enables individuals to optimize their healthy lifestyles through DNA testing

December 4, 2019; Durham, NC – HealthCodes DNA has officially announced its relocation to Durham, North Carolina. The genetic testing company launched in 2017 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where it built a strong reputation thanks to its cutting-edge DNA testing.

The company’s new headquarters based in Durham places it right in the heart of the state’s well- known Research Triangle. Durham makes up one point of the triangle along with Chapel Hill and Raleigh.

It is in this region that researchers and scientists are educated at the universities of Duke, North Carolina, and North Carolina State. HealthCodes DNA has benefitted greatly due to its new location and the brainpower that has been educated and trained in the Research Triangle area.

“Our new location in Durham gives us an even greater ability to reach clients and work with top- notch researchers, scientists, and others in the genetics field,” Charles Lanman, CEO of HealthCodes DNA, said. “The move takes us into a new, exciting phase that will see the company grow further.”

HealthCodes DNA provides customers with clinical-grade DNA testing enabling individuals to optimize their healthy lifestyles and to learn more about their bodies. The genetic tests come with a comprehensive results book allowing clients to learn more about their bodies than ever before.

HealthCodes DNA’s genetic tests provide information on an individual’s exercise and dietary needs. The information gleaned from the genetic tests allows individuals to live healthier lives if the diet and exercise plans are followed.

According to HealthCodes DNA, diets are not ‘one size fits all’. The reason some diets work for certain people is in their DNA. Due to each person’s genetic makeup being different, diet and exercise needs are not the same between individuals. The company’s clinical-grade genetic tests allow individuals to harness this information to better lose weight, gain muscle, and live healthy. The results provide users with a lifestyle adjustment based on genetics and real goals can be met using the test outcomes.

“Genetic testing gives individuals the chance to take their health into their own hands,” Mr. Lanman said. “You can learn more about your body in a simple genetic test to enhance results from diet and exercise. Anyone serious about their health should certainly use one of our tests today.”

HealthCodes DNA offers a number of genetic testing options. For more information, please visit the HealthCodes DNA homepage.

About HealthCodes DNA

HealthCodes DNA is a genetic testing company that provides results detailing the prescribed diet and exercise plans individuals should undertake based on their DNA. Founded in 2017, HealthCodes DNA is based in Durham, North Carolina and benefits from the region’s world-class scientific minds and laboratory facilities. Clients can order DNA tests online and receive information about their genetic makeup using their cutting edge DNA testing technology.


Business contact information:

HealthCodes DNA, LLC
2010 Sprunt Avenue
Durham, NC 27705
+1 (888) READ-DNA
[email protected]