PRESS RELEASE: HealthCodes DNA Launches Genetic Testing Products in 31 New Stores

Recent marketplace launch accompanied by nationwide 2-day shipping provides consumers greater access to at-home genetic testing

December 6, 2019; Durham, NC – In time for the holiday season, HealthCodes DNA has launched its genetic health test product line in 31 new online marketplaces with nationwide 2-day shipping.

HealthCodes DNA, founded in 2017, provides genetic tests to optimize diet and fitness planning. The company’s DNA tests allow clients to explore up to 40 new health insights from a single DNA sample.

HealthCodes DNA’s line of genetic tests is designed to eliminate the guesswork in dietary and fitness routines. According to HealthCodes DNA, every person responds uniquely to food and exercise based on his or her DNA. HealthCodes DNA provides objective feedback based on its DNA testing technology.  To obtain DNA test results, a client can have a DNA kit shipped to his or her home and send a sample to HealthCodes DNA for analysis.

Now, HealthCodes DNA’s five genetic tests are hitting the online marketplace to reach consumers in search of better health. With the introduction nationwide 2-day shipping in all 31 stores, HealthCodes DNA is expanding its existing market footprint across the US.

“We are excited to enter additional e-stores and find health-conscious individuals looking to become better versions of themselves,” said Richard Moore, CMO of HealthCodes DNA. “Improving the health of all individuals is our passion and purpose.”

The genetic testing company, which recently relocated to Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, is not slowing down in its pursuit of new markets. HealthCodes DNA also plans to roll out a national retail presence in 2020.

HealthCodes DNA 2019 Genetic Testing Product Line-01
HealthCodes DNA's five genetic tests.

“We are not satisfied with the progress that has been made here today,” Mr. Moore stated.  “At a time when over three-quarters of Americans are predicted to be obese by 2020, and average American life expectancy is dropping yearly, consumers across the nation deserve to know these lifelong health tools exist and are available to them right now.”

As of December 2019, HealthCodes DNA’s genetic tests are available for purchase at the following online stores with nationwide 2-day shipping:

About HealthCodes DNA

HealthCodes DNA is a genetic testing company that provides results detailing the prescribed diet and exercise plans individuals should undertake based on their DNA. Founded in 2017, HealthCodes DNA is based in Durham, North Carolina and benefits from the region’s world-class scientific minds and laboratory facilities. Clients can order DNA tests online and receive information about their genetic makeup using their cutting edge DNA testing technology.


Business contact information:

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