Premium DNA Test Kit 6

PRESS RELEASE | HealthCodes DNA launches genetic testing products in 31 new stores

December 6, 2019; Durham, NC – In time for the holiday season, HealthCodes DNA has launched its genetic health test product line in 31 new online marketplaces with nationwide 2-day shipping ...

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HealthCodes DNA 2019 Genetic Testing Product Line-01

PRESS RELEASE | HealthCodes DNA releases 5 new DNA tests for diet & exercise

December 5, 2019; Durham, NC – The age of obtaining truly personalized health at home has arrived. Today, HealthCodes DNA releases 5 new DNA tests for ...

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Durham NC HealthCodes DNA Company Relocation

PRESS RELEASE | HealthCodes DNA relocates headquarters to Durham, North Carolina

December 3, 2019; Durham, NC – HealthCodes DNA has officially announced its relocation to Durham, North Carolina. The genetic testing company launched ...

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Amazon HealthCodes DNA Genetic Testing

PRESS RELEASE | Tennessee genetic testing company HealthCodes DNA to launch services today

April 4, 2018; Chattanooga, TN – A health and wellness DNA analysis company, HealthCodes DNA, LLC, was launched today ...

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