5-Metric Overview DNA Test Kit

5-Metric Overview

• Introductory DNA training program for diet & exercise

• $249 includes DNA kit, test results, consultations

• Already purchased DNA kit from Amazon? Lab fee for this result set is $120 - register kit here


Wellness Panel DNA Test Kit

Wellness Panel

• Premium DNA training program designed to optimize longevity

• $399 includes DNA kit, test results, consultations

• Already purchased DNA kit from Amazon? Lab fee for this result set is $210 - register kit here


Nutrition Panel DNA Test Kit

Nutrition Panel

• Premium DNA training program designed to optimize your diet

• $399 includes DNA kit, test results, consultations

• Already purchased DNA kit from Amazon? Lab fee for this result set is $210 - register kit here


Fitness Panel DNA Test Copy

Fitness Panel

• Premium DNA training program designed to optimize exercise regimens

• $399 includes DNA kit, test results, consultations

• Already purchased DNA kit from Amazon? Lab fee for this result set is $210 - register kit here


3-Panel DNA Test Kit

3-Panel Analysis

• The most comprehensive DNA training program on the market today

• $799 includes DNA kit, test results, consultations

• Already purchased DNA kit from Amazon? Lab fee for this result set is $390 - register kit here


DNA Training Program Selection Table

Plans designed for you

DNA tells us more than where we come from. DNA also gives us a personalized roadmap to finding the healthiest achievable routines for our diverse genetic backgrounds.

HealthCodes DNA™ removes the guesswork and maximizes the results of diet and fitness efforts by targeting your body’s most effective responses to diet and exercise.

After all, we are all unique. Our diet and fitness programs should be too.

Wellness Panel
• Body type
• Metabolism traits
• Exercise response
• Diabetic traits
• Macronutrient plan

Nutrition Panel
• Dietary needs
• Fat sensitivities
• Micronutrient plan
• Caffeine & sodium
•Lactose & gluten

Fitness Panel
• Exercise plan
• Fitness potentials
• Recovery
• Motivation
• Injury

3-Panel Analysis
• Wellness Panel
• Nutrition Panel
• Fitness Panel

3 Steps Infographic - Premium DNA Tests for Wellness Nutrition Fitness - HealthCodes DNA
DNA Health Testing Kit
Premium Genetic DNA Test Kit
3-in-1 DNA Health Tests 2

Comprehensive Results Books

We analyze your genetic traits to provide you with a DNA results book that tells you exactly what your body needs to be at your best.

Cutting Edge Algorithms

Our proprietary DNA training programs combine DNA-based insights in a manner that you cannot find anywhere else.

Actionable Lifestyle Changes

We provide you with dietitian and trainer-approved lifestyle adjustments based on the results of your DNA training program.

There are multiple reasons why HealthCodes DNA training programs are consistently rated above the competitors. We offer:
• The best clinical-grade DNA analysis technology available 
• Highest quality medical devices for accurate sample collection
• Consumer-driven results layouts and language that lead to consistent lifestyle improvements 
• Patent-protected methodologies that uniquely tie together DNA insights for everyday lifestyle applications
• Each DNA training program also includes professional health consultations and custom meal & exercise plans
You will not find the same level of behavioral influence for sustainable lifestyle change using any other DNA testing company on the market today.
Other DNA testing companies will sell you a DNA kit with DNA results available in digital format via email or by logging into an account on the website. That is where the product ends.
HealthCodes DNA, however, does not sell "DNA tests"; instead, HealthCodes DNA™ provides clients with a five-component DNA training program that includes the following:
• A medical grade DNA kit
• Clinical lab sample processing
• DNA test results in digital and print formats
• Custom meal & exercise plans
• Professional health consultations
After receiving HealthCodes DNA test results, clients receive custom meal & exercise plans to fully fit the needs of the unique client. Furthermore, every DNA training program with HealthCodes DNA comes with professional health consultations to help clients unlock their best selves.
If you want to fully optimize your lifestyle for sustainable change, choose a DNA training program from HealthCodes DNA™ over a traditional DNA test.

Once you place your order on this page, you will immediately receive confirmation and receipt by email.


Next, you will be emailed tracking information when your order has shipped.


After your Sample Collection Kit has arrived within 2 business days, HealthCodes DNA's staff will follow-up to see what additional questions or needs you may have to submit and return your sample.


When your sample has been submitted and returned to HealthCodes DNA's clinical lab, the sample will be processed within 2-3 weeks to get your DNA test results back so you can begin changing your lifestyle.

5-Metric Overview (MSRP $249) - Introductory DNA test. Take a look into your body’s macronutrient needs and physical activity profiles to determine the best diet and fitness routine for you. 5 measures total.


Wellness Panel (MSRP $399) - 14 metrics to optimize your body’s overall wellness.


Nutrition Panel (MSRP $399) - 16 metrics uncovering your food metabolism and sensitivity traits to optimize your diet.


Fitness Panel (MSRP $399) - 10 metrics exploring your body’s fitness potentials and exercise traits to optimize your workouts.


3-Panel Analysis (MSRP $799) - Our most comprehensive product: Covers every major aspect of your body’s wellness, nutrition, and fitness needs. Includes Wellness Panel, Nutrition Panel, and Fitness Panel all-in-one. 40 measures total.


Each of our 5 DNA training programs will considerably improve the efficiency and results of your lifestyle, diet, and exercise routine. The value of using a DNA health program to improve your lifestyle is found in the time savings. Also, the results stay with you for life, so you can continue to receive benefits from a single investment over the course of a lifetime.

Our services are available across the United States in all 50 states, Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

You will submit a small (2 ounce) saliva sample into the provided Sample Collection Kit we mail you. We do not require blood or any other invasive measures to obtain your DNA test results.

You only need to submit one sample to access all five of HealthCodes DNA's training programs.


Once your first saliva sample is successfully processed by HealthCodes DNA's clinical laboratory, you can place an order for additional DNA tests and receive additional access to HealthCodes DNA's training programs in under 24 hours.


Additional DNA test results will also be delivered by secure digital file and printed book.


Lastly, after you submit the first sample to HealthCodes DNA, you will be able to access any future DNA tests HealthCodes DNA develops without re-submitting a sample.

Our DNA kits do not expire, so you can hold onto them for as long as needed before sending in your sample.


We use a high-grade saliva collection device in our DNA kits, as opposed to DNA swabs you will see in other DNA kits. Saliva collection devices offer greater stability for long-term storage, as well as more efficient DNA capture, so you can be sure you are receiving the best DNA collection method available using our kits.

We pride ourselves on being one of the fastest results turnarounds on the market without sacrificing quality. You will receive a secure digital file containing your DNA test results approximately 2-3 weeks after your sample is received by our lab.


Be sure to add [email protected] to your trusted contacts to receive updates from us. We will also be printing and mailing you a results booklet.

The recommendations in HealthCodes DNA's test results are designed for every individual to find a baseline approach to a personalized healthy lifestyle. These recommendations are used to maximize overall wellness and quality of life.


In order to use your DNA information for sports-specific lifestyle planning rather than general wellness, for instance, we recommend a results interpretation consultation with one of our staff. We will connect you to the appropriate consultant to ensure the DNA test results are used properly to maximize your health objectives.


If you have any results interpretation questions, our team is on hand and ready to answer them at 1-888-732-3362 (READ-DNA) Monday-Friday during regular business hours (9 AM-5 PM EST) or 24/7 by email at [email protected].

In a DNA test, there are three steps that can affect result accuracy. At HealthCodes DNA, we ensure at each step in the process you receive the most accurate results possible.


First, your DNA sample is collected in our saliva collection device. We use DNA saliva capture tubes instead of cheek swabs to maximize DNA quantity and quality for use in our analysis. This high-yield DNA sample is then read in our clinically-certified and compliant (CLIA/CAP) genomics laboratory, processing your DNA using the highest quality control standards and measures available.


Once we have read your DNA, your results will include those biomarkers which have been validated in scientific research studies and indicate a statistically significant correlation to between a biomarker result and an individual’s trait. Statistical significance occurs when the result is indicated in >95% of those studied. Furthermore, we ensure that each biomarker result is reproduced across multiple studies to further confirm each biomarker’s validity as it pertains to your health.


Lastly, our automated report building system ensures that your results are built with 100% precision each time.


The end result of this three-stage process is a DNA test you can be truly confident is of the highest level accuracy, compliance, and quality available today. We are continually improving our processes with the latest scientific and technological advances available to ensure that product accuracy and customer satisfaction remain a top priority at HealthCodes DNA.

At HealthCodes DNA, we take your privacy seriously. We destroy every DNA sample upon successful completion of laboratory analysis. Furthermore, all DNA data files are are permanently anonymized in our system. 

No, your DNA is stable. Your DNA test results will continue to inform healthy choices for life.

If you have more questions before, during, or after making a purchase, please contact us by phone or email:


Office Hours: M-F 9 AM-5 PM EST

Phone: 1-888-732-3362 (READ-DNA) 

Email: [email protected]